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Traveling & Practice bag - BD DANCE

Sale price40,00 EUR

The PRACTICE BAG BD DANCE, with a capacity of 40 liters, is specially designed for competitive dancers who seek both functionality and style. This version of the bag offers generous space to store all your dance clothes, shoes, accessories and other essential equipment, while remaining compact and easy to carry. This bag also has the added benefit of being suitable for hanging on a suitcase, providing an even more convenient carrying solution when traveling.

Features :

1. 40 Liter Capacity (50x30): Despite its compact size, this bag offers a generous 40 liter capacity, making it an ideal choice for short trips or regular commutes. You can easily carry all your dance essentials without compromising comfort or practicality.

2. Robustness and durability: Made from high-quality, wear-resistant materials, this bag is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent travel and intensive workouts. Its water- and tear-resistant fabric provides reliable protection for your belongings, even in the most difficult conditions.

3. Ergonomic design: Despite its large capacity, this bag remains easy to transport thanks to its adjustable straps and its comfortable carrying system. The multiple compartments and storage pockets provide optimal organization for your various dance items, allowing you to keep your belongings tidy and accessible at all times.

4. Elegant style: With its modern and clean design, embellished with the iconic BD DANCE logo, this bag combines functionality and aesthetics. Whether on the dance floor or traveling, you can show off your style with confidence with this trendy and practical bag.

5. Fits your suitcase : Thanks to its smart design, this bag can be easily attached to a suitcase, providing a convenient, hands-free carrying solution when traveling. This feature allows you to travel with greater comfort and efficiency, keeping your hands free for other tasks.

6. Compliance with cabin baggage dimensions : Designed to meet cabin baggage standards, this bag allows you to travel with complete peace of mind by avoiding worries related to size restrictions. You can therefore take your dance essentials with you in the cabin, without having to put them in the hold.

Traveling & Practice bag - BD DANCE
Traveling & Practice bag - BD DANCE Sale price40,00 EUR