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BD DANCE - FRANCE: The tailor-made choice

At BD DANCE – FRANCE, we are delighted to offer you the possibility of creating your own model of dance shoes, designed according to your tastes and colors. We explain the steps to you step by step ✨

Step 1: Explore Our Catalog

Sit comfortably on your sofa and browse our product catalog (Available here) which includes 232 different models , 27 types of heels , 7 fabrics, and 91 materials , offering an impressive total of 3,68,000 possible combinations . Take your time to choose the one that perfectly matches your style.

Step 2: Choose Your Size and Width

Comfort yourself in your choice by selecting your size and specifying the width of your shoes, whether for thin or strong feet. Make sure your shoes are not only stylish but also comfortable.

To choose the size, go here , take the time to print the pedometer and measure your foot on a sheet of paper, it's IMPORTANT! A wrong size is the assurance of a return and a new production of 4 weeks. 🥵

Step 3: Contact Us

Contact us to share your request and ask all your questions. We prefer initial contact by telephone for greater fluidity, but please send the final request by email. This allows us to guarantee the necessary traceability throughout the process.

Step 4: Workshop Confirmation

We will forward your request to our workshop to confirm the feasibility of your project. We ensure every detail is considered to create the perfect pair to your specifications.

Step 5: Confirmation and Payment

We will come back to you to confirm the feasibility of your request. If everything is possible, we will send you a payment link to validate production.

Step 6: Production

Production starts, with an average lead time of 4 weeks. This includes validation, production, delivery to our premises, and shipping to your address.

Step 7: Delivery

We receive your pair of shoes and contact you to organize delivery according to the solution chosen, whether by Colissimo or Mondial Relay.

Step 8: Reception and Ready to Dance

You receive your pair of custom-made shoes and are ready to hit the floor with style and non-conformism 😉

Step 9: Share Your Experience

After dancing in your new shoes, you will receive a link to share your experience and provide feedback on the custom creation process.

At BD DANCE – FRANCE, we look forward to supporting you in creating your personalized pair of dance shoes.