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πŸ“… On September 4, when we opened, we proudly announced our exclusive partnership with Colis PrivΓ©, offering you the opportunity to benefit from free delivery. However, a few weeks later, following numerous lost packages and phenomenal delays, the situation took a new turn.

πŸ€” We therefore decided to turn to the carrier Colissimo, a renowned and more reliable delivery service (yes, it's surprising) operated by La Poste in France. Colissimo stands out from Colis PrivΓ© by its quality of service, its speed of delivery and its precise tracking of packages. By choosing Colissimo, we are committed to offering you a smoother delivery experience with far fewer problems.

The advantages of Colissimo compared to Colis PrivΓ© are numerous:

  1. Reliability: Colissimo is renowned for its reliability and professionalism. Your packages will be treated with the greatest care throughout the delivery process. 🌟

  1. Speed: Colissimo offers fast delivery times, ensuring that your packages reach you as quickly as possible. ⏱️

  1. Real-time tracking: You will be able to follow the delivery of your package in real time using Colissimo's tracking system, keeping you informed at each stage of the delivery process. πŸ“²

  1. Efficient customer service: In case of questions or concerns, Colissimo customer service is available to help you and answer all your questions. 🀝

  1. Secure delivery: Colissimo ensures the security of your packages throughout their journey, guaranteeing that they reach you in perfect condition. πŸ”’