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  • Training shoes
  • Latin dance shoes
  • Standard dance shoes ✓
  • Exchange / return / refund possible (within 7 days) ✓
  • 3cm heels ✓

The JW-1 BD shoe DANCE is equipped with flexibility allowing the dancer to relieve his foot during intensive training and training.

The JW1- BD DANCE shoe has a stable heel, which is suitable for all so-called "en" dances. couple."

The curvature of the sole and its weight distribution make it a comfortable shoe perfectly suited to competitors and amateurs alike.

The dance shoe designed for training is the ideal accessory for passionate dancers looking to improve their technique and performance. This shoe is designed to provide maximum comfort during training while providing optimal grip and flexibility to facilitate dance movements.

The breathable canvas upper provides great flexibility for fast and precise dance movements, while allowing the feet to breathe for a fresh feeling throughout the practice. The sole ensures maximum grip on the ground and facilitates smooth pivots and slides.

The low heel ensures a comfortable and stable posture while dancing, while the lace closure provides a perfect fit for optimal foot support. The shoe's clean, sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your dance style, while providing superior comfort for extended wear.

This shoe is suitable for thin feet wide .

Consult the size guide📏

JW1 - BD DANCE Sale price95,00 EUR