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"EUPHNY" applicator glove

Sale price4,00 EUR

The "EUPHNY" applicator glove is specially designed for dancesport dancers. It offers a practical and effective solution for uniform tan application, allowing dancers to present perfectly tanned skin on stage.

Main Features :
1. Optimal comfort: The “EUPHNY” applicator glove is made with soft, lightweight materials that provide exceptional comfort during use. It adapts perfectly to the dancer's hand, allowing total freedom of movement.

2. Uniform application: Thanks to its specially designed surface, the glove ensures uniform application of the tan on the skin. It guarantees an even distribution of the product, avoiding unwanted traces and offering a natural and impeccable result.

3. Durability: The “EUPHNY” applicator glove is designed to withstand intensive use during competitions. The high quality materials used ensure exceptional durability, providing a long life to the product.

4. Ease of use: The glove is easy to put on and take off, saving dancers valuable time. It is also easy to clean, allowing it to be reused hygienically during future competitions.

5. Elegant design: The “EUPHNY” applicator glove has a modern and elegant design, specially designed for sport dance dancers.

✔️ Advantages:
- Uniform application of tan for a perfectly even tanned complexion.
- Optimal comfort for prolonged use during competitions.
- Exceptional durability for repeated use.
- Ease of use and maintenance for a convenient experience.
- Sleek design that complements the aesthetic of competitive dance sports.

Note: The “EUPHNY” applicator glove is an accessory intended for applying tan only. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions of the tan product used.