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Safety pins

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We don't think about them often, yet they are crucial. Safety pins are an item that should not be overlooked for dancesport dancers.

In fact, these small accessories are essential to keep the dancer's bib in place. You can be forward-thinking and competition organizers are too, but for the most forgetful, it can become complicated.

A few minutes before the competition begins, going around the room asking everyone if they have pins is not ideal. Fortunately, here is the solution: Safety pins


Key Features:

  1. Maximum Reliability: Our safety pins are made from high quality stainless steel for maximum durability and strength. They will stay securely in place, ensuring that your bib remains perfectly in order throughout your performance.

  2. Ease of Use: DanseGuard safety pins are designed with a secure closure and a tapered tip for easy insertion into all fabrics, even the most delicate. No need for unnecessary struggles behind the scenes!

  3. Discretion Assured: Our safety pins are discreet and lightweight, they blend perfectly into your outfit without creating bumps or discomfort. You can dance with confidence, knowing everything stays in place.

  4. Abundant Quantity: Each pack contains a generous quantity of safety pins, ensuring you have enough in stock for all your upcoming performances.

Safety pins
Safety pins Sale price1,90 EUR