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Temporary Stop - Size 44 and above.

BD DANCE - FRANCE, would like to inform you of an important decision taken by the manufacturer to guarantee the quality and safety of its products.

At BD DANCE, the health of dancers is an essential priority. The brand devotes a significant portion of its budget to research and development to ensure the excellence of its products. Following extensive coefficient of friction testing, BD DANCE has recently identified a necessary improvement on the JW-1 model, specifically for shoe sizes above 44, regarding the coefficient of friction of rubber soles (RUBBER SOLE).

Therefore, from 02.21.2024 and until new tests are conclusive, BD DANCE has decided to suspend the availability of the JW-1 model in sizes 44 and above. This decision aims to ensure the safety and comfort of dancers who trust the brand.

BD DANCE - FRANCE would like to assure you that this measure is taken in the interest of the dancing community, and we remain committed to providing you with the highest quality dance products. We are in close contact with BD DANCE to monitor this situation and will keep you informed of any further developments.

We thank you for your understanding and continued trust in BD DANCE - FRANCE and BD DANCE WH.