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Ma semelle - Une brosse d'entretien à coup sûr !

My sole - A maintenance brush for sure!

Sports dance is a demanding practice that requires shoes in perfect condition to provide performance and safety. The soles of dance shoes, in particular, experience considerable wear and tear during training and competitions.

To maintain optimal grip and extend the life of your shoes, it is essential to clean the soles regularly.


In this article, we will show you how to effectively clean dancesport soles using a sole brush.


Why clean dancesport soles?


Before we get into the details of the cleaning process, it's important to understand why it's essential to keep your soles clean.

Dance shoe soles can accumulate dirt, dust, sweat, and other residue over time, which can compromise grip and traction on the floor. Dirty soles can also damage dance floors, especially in studios where special coverings are used to facilitate movement.



Materials needed:

- A specially designed sole brush .


Cleaning steps:

  1. Remove excess dirt: Use the sole brush to scrub gently but firmly, removing any accumulated particles of dirt, dust or residue.


  1. Brush the soles: Work over the entire surface of the sole, paying particular attention to the dirtiest areas. Make sure you cover every square inch.

  1. Clean thoroughly: Move the brush back and forth, using light to moderate pressure to loosen embedded dirt. Always start from the top to the bottom!

  2. Inspect and repeat if necessary: ​​Check the soles to make sure they are clean. If stains persist, repeat the process until the soles are completely cleaned.


At BD DANCE FR, we recommend cleaning your insoles regularly, preferably after each use, in order to maintain optimal performance. If your soles are very dirty, you can lightly dampen the brush with water to make cleaning easier, but avoid using soap or chemical cleaners.

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