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L'art de l'application du tan

The art of applying tan

Dancesport requires careful and impeccable presentation, and the application of tan plays a vital role in preparing dancers to take the stage. In this article, we will explore the importance of tan application for dancers and share practical tips for achieving a flawless result using the "EUPHNY" Applicator Glove .

1. Choose the right tan product and the โ€œEUPHNYโ€ applicator glove:
To begin, it is essential to select a quality tan product specifically designed for dancers. Make sure you choose the shade that best matches your skin tone and dance outfit. For uniform application, opt for the "EUPHNY" Applicator Glove , specially designed for competitive dancesport dancers.

2. Prepare your skin for optimal application:
Before applying the tan, prepare your skin by exfoliating it carefully to remove dead cells. This will provide a smooth and uniform surface. Moisturize your skin the day before application so that it is well nourished and ready to receive the tan product.

3. Use the โ€œEUPHNYโ€ Applicator Glove for precise and uniform application:
The "EUPHNY" Applicator Glove is your ally for uniform application of tan. Its specially designed surface guarantees even distribution of the product, thus avoiding unwanted marks. By using this glove, you will obtain a natural and impeccable result, highlighting your performance.

4. Let dry and set the tan:
After applying the tan with the "EUPHNY" Applicator Glove , let it dry completely before getting dressed. Avoid contact with surfaces that may stain your dance outfit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the fixing step to ensure a long-lasting result.

5. Maintain your tan for long wear:
To preserve your tanned complexion, regularly moisturize your skin with a non-greasy lotion. Avoid aggressive exfoliations and too hot showers, as they can alter the tan's hold. Remember that the tan will gradually fade, so consider reapplying before rehearsals or performances to maintain a fresh look.

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