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La danse sportive - Une discipline onรฉreuse ?

Dance sport - An expensive discipline?

Sports dance, this graceful and powerful art, fascinates millions of people around the world. However, behind the shine of the spotlight and the grace of the movements, lies a financial reality that is often overlooked. The cost of practice๐Ÿ’ฐ

One of the first expenses associated with dancesport is training. Dancesport classes, taught by highly qualified instructors, can be as exciting as they are expensive. Beginning dancers invest not only their time, but also their money in their quest to master the movements. Private lessons: between โ‚ฌ35 and โ‚ฌ60 per hour ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ธ

To progress quickly, many dancers opt for private lessons. These personalized sessions, although very beneficial, can weigh heavily on the wallet, costing between โ‚ฌ35 and โ‚ฌ60 per hour. A considerable investment for those looking to hone their skills. Competitions: travel, accommodation and bib costs ๐Ÿ†๐ŸŒ.

Competitions, essential in the world of dance sports, also entail significant costs. Dancers and their teams must cover travel costs to sometimes distant locations, as well as accommodation costs in often expensive hotels. Add to that the price of the bibs, and the total expenses can quickly soar. The sparkling costumes and accessories โœจ๐Ÿ‘—.

On the dance floor, appearance is just as important as the moves. Dancers invest in elaborate, custom-designed costumes adorned with rhinestones and sequins. Not forgetting accessories like specialized dancing shoes, sophisticated hairstyles and sparkling jewelry. Cost reduction opportunities and passion as a driving force ๐Ÿ’ชโค๏ธ.


Let's meet Lรฉna, a young 18-year-old passionate about sports dance. Despite the financial challenges she faces, Lรฉna shares her experience, her determination and her love for dance. Find out how she manages her expenses related to her passion, the financial impact of dancesport competitions, and what she thinks of the costs associated with her practice.


Line: Hello, Lรฉna, how are you feeling today and how old are you?

- Lรฉna: Hello! I am very well thank you. Currently I am 18 years old.

Line: First question, how did you discover your passion for dance sports?

- Lรฉna: I discovered my passion for dance sports while watching the show โ€œDancing with the Starsโ€ and joining my local dance club. It was a real crush that pushed me to embark on this adventure.

Line: How long have you been practicing dance sports?

- Lรฉna: I have been practicing dance sports for 2 years now with dedication and enthusiasm.

Line: Can you tell us a little about your monthly expenses for dancesport classes?

- Lรฉna: Of course, I spend around 50 euros per month on my sports dance lessons, taking a private lesson every two weeks. It's an investment, but it's definitely worth it to me.

Line: Outside of class, how do you manage your expenses related to dance clothes and shoes?

- Lรฉna: This year, I spent around 220 euros on dance clothes and shoes. I bought a new dress and shoes the same month.

Line: Dancesport competitions often involve additional costs. Can you tell us more about these expenses?

-,Lรฉna: Yes, participating in competitions entails additional expenses. I pay around 120 euros for the license, places for my family and travel costs. It's a financial challenge, but I'm doing my best to cope.

Line: How do you manage financially the high cost of dance sports?

- Lรฉna: I manage financially the high cost of dance sports by saving as much as possible and benefiting from the financial support of my parents. Their help is invaluable to me at this stage of my life as a young, active person.

Line: Have you ever faced financial difficulties that prevented you from participating in competitions or classes?

- Lรฉna: Yes, I have had to reduce my participation in competitions due to lack of money to pay for the license, places and travel expenses. It was a difficult time, but I continued to persevere despite financial obstacles.

Line: Despite these financial challenges, why do you think dancesport is worth it?

- Lรฉna: Dance sport is much more than just a passion for me, it is an essential part of my life. Since my childhood, I have been immersed in the world of dance, and it gives me immense happiness. It's an escape, a way to express myself, and I also had the opportunity to meet exceptional people thanks to dance sports.

Line: Do you receive financial support from your loved ones to be able to continue practicing dance sports?

- Lรฉna: Yes, I benefit from the financial support of my loved ones, particularly my parents. This is particularly important at my age, because I have just started working and my salary does not allow me to cover all the costs related to my passion for dance.

Line: If you had the power to change anything about the cost of dancesport, what would you change?

- Lรฉna: If I could change something about the cost of dance sports, it would be to make the competitions more financially accessible.

I think dancers should not have to pay for licenses to compete, as we already invest in memberships and private lessons, which are often more expensive than the competitions themselves.

This would help many passionate dancers to continue practicing their art without being held back by financial constraints.

Line: Thank you very much Lรฉna for taking the time to answer my questions

- Lรฉna: Thank you, it was a real pleasure


In this interview, we explored the world of dancesport through Lรฉna's eyes, revealing the financial challenges many dancers face. Despite the high costs associated with this demanding discipline, Lรฉna showed us that dance sport is much more than just a financial expense. It is an unwavering passion, a source of inspiration and a way of life.

Lรฉna made us aware of the financial sacrifices that some dancers must make to pursue their passion. Her story highlights the central question: is dance sport really an expensive discipline? Yes, the costs are undeniable, but through Lรฉna's story, we understand that the love for dance transcends these financial barriers.

This interview invites us to reflect on the inestimable value of passion and determination in the practice of dance sports. She reminds us that despite financial obstacles, the glow of passion can illuminate even the most difficult paths. Dancesport can be expensive, but it also offers intangible treasures of personal growth.


Nous souhaitons de belles dรฉcouverte ร  Lena.
Merci BD DANCE pour ces articles riches qui poussent ร  la rรฉflexion.


Le constat est clair ! En tout cas chouette sujet.


Merci pour cet article. En effet les prix sont trรจs รฉlevรฉs notamment chez nous danseuses.


Il faut des solutions de la part des institutions. La relรจve doit continuer et nos jeunes ont besoin dโ€™aide.


Bel article !
La fรฉdรฉration devrait rรฉflรฉchir ร  un systรจme de bourse, pourquoi pas ?


Quel plaisir de lire un article comme ce dernier.


Une interview trรจs intรฉressante merci !
Un prochain sujet concernant les crรฉateurs de robes ?


Une vรฉritรฉ si rรฉel et dont on ne parle que trรจs rarement. Merci de mettre en lumiรจre cette facette de la danse de salon


Un article trรจs intรฉressant. ร‰tant compรฉtiteur depuis plus de 20 ans, nous avons pu constater cette augmentation constante liรฉe ร  la pratique de cette belle discipline. Nous souhaitons une trรจs belle aventure ร  cette jeune danseuse Lรฉna. Interview trรจs intรฉressante.


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