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Contrefaçons  - La bataille BD DANCE

Counterfeits - The BD DANCE battle

In talking with you and some dancers, we noticed that several of them had a disappointing experience before our opening on September 4, with the purchase of counterfeit BD DANCE shoes. Faced with this situation, we took this problem seriously and decided to write a guide aimed at guaranteeing the authenticity of your shoes.


1. The General Appearance of the Shoe:

Start by looking at the overall appearance of the shoe. A genuine BD DANCE dance shoe is well supported, does not sag, and the material used does not give the impression of being of poor quality.


2. The BD Logo on the Buckles of Women’s Shoes:

An important detail is the presence of the BD logo on the buckles of women's shoes. Although some models do not have one, most feature this small BD buckle, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the BD DANCE shoe.



3. The BD DANCE inscription in relief on the soles:

Check that the BD DANCE inscription is embossed on the outer and inner soles of your shoes. This characteristic is present on all authentic BD DANCE shoes and certifies their conformity.


4. Red on All Seams:

A distinctive detail on the soles of the men's and training models is the legendary thick, red stitching. If your men's shoes have the name BD DANCE embossed on the outsole and red stitching, you have an authentic BD DANCE.



5. The Certifying Satin Headband:

Although rare on certain models, the presence of a satin headband on T1-B and men's models attests to the authenticity of your shoes. This is a detail that leaves no room for doubt.


6. The Certifying Ring on the Vamp:

Particularly present on the men's range, the ring on the vamp is an infallible ally in asserting the authenticity of your BD DANCE shoes.



Although we keep the sixth point a secret, with an infallible technique for recognizing an authentic DANCE comic, it is rare to find counterfeits on the market. However, in light of your feedback, it is essential to raise awareness of this possibility. Stay vigilant to ensure that every pair of BD DANCE shoes you own is genuine.


To remedy this situation, obtain your BD DANCE shoes from authorized retailers such as BD DANCE - FRANCE.



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