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Comment mesurer la longueur de votre pied pour trouver la taille parfaite.

How to measure your foot length to find the perfect size.

Choosing the right size couple dance shoes is essential for a comfortable and stylish dancing experience. To make sure your shoes fit like a glove, it's important to know your foot length. Luckily, you can do this easily at home using just a sheet of A4 paper and a few simple steps. Follow our step-by-step guide to measure your foot length accurately.

What you will need:

1. A sheet of A4 paper.
2. A pen or pencil.
3. A rule.
4. A clear space where you can sit and measure your feet comfortably.

Steps to measure your foot length:

1. Prepare the A4 sheet of paper : Start by finding a flat surface and make sure you have enough space to sit comfortably. Place the A4 sheet of paper on the floor, so that it is perfectly aligned with a wall. Make sure the edge of the sheet touches the wall.

2. Remove your shoes : To get an accurate measurement, remove your shoes and socks, then sit comfortably next to the sheet of paper.

3. Place your foot on the sheet : Place one foot on the A4 sheet of paper so that your heel is against the wall. Make sure your foot is perfectly flat on the sheet, without bending your toes.

4. Make a mark : Using the pen or pencil, make a mark where the longest toe is. Be sure to make a clean, precise mark.

5. Measure the distance: Now use a ruler to measure the distance from the edge of the sheet of paper (against the wall) to the mark you made. This measurement is the length of your foot.

6. Repeat for the other foot : Repeat the process for the other foot, as your feet may be slightly different lengths. The shoe size you choose should be based on the length of the longest foot.

7. Consult the BD DANCE-FRANCE size guide : Once you have measured the length of your feet, consult the size guide provided by BD DANCE-FRANCE. You will then be able to determine the size of couple dance shoes that best suits you based on your measurements.

Choosing the right size dance shoes is essential to avoid discomfort and injury during your dance practice. By following these simple steps, you can be sure to find the perfect size.


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