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✨Adria & Emilija ✨

Adria :

At only 16 years old, Adria can boast a history in the field of dance which began at the age of 5 at the prestigious DanceGold studio. As a Junior 1, Adria reached level 24 at the German Open, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination.

Moving towards the Junior 2 category, he shone more by reaching the world finals in standard and Latin dance, landing 4th place in Latin dance last year (2022). In addition, he placed 2nd place in standard dance in Blackpool and 4th place in Latin dance.
Adria Hernandez embodies unwavering determination.


Emilija :

At the age of 15, Emilija began her dancing career at the age of 7 or 8 at an up-and-coming dance club in Lithuania. Over the years, she joined various clubs, and around the age of 12-13, she made the decision to devote herself professionally to dance.

She reached the status of Lithuanian champion in Junior II and managed to reach the semi-finals of the World Championship in Latin dance.                            

The couple :  

In just one year of partnership, Adria and Emilija have accumulated an impressive number of titles and victories. They distinguished themselves as Spanish champions in standard and Latin dancing, and brilliantly reached the final in Blackpool, taking 2nd place in ballroom dancing and 4th place in Latin dancing.

Furthermore, in their first year in the Youth category, they took the opportunity to participate in the European 10 Dance Championship, where they deservedly took 4th place.

They embody the passion, talent and dedication that make dance an extraordinary art form.